Be Alive.

Build power,

live your life.

Turn your deepest fears into
your greatest strengths.

Are you financially well off and you have a successful career in life? But still you have the fear of not being enough and of failing?

Welcome, you are in the right place here. Within you live great visions and beautiful dreams, but deep fears, limited beliefs, doubts and distractions keep you from unlocking your full potential. And therefore you don't know how to achieve a truly self-determined life. That's over now. I'm here for you and I'll show you exactly how you can live your life with purpose.

Discover & unlock your true potential with my exclusive 1:1 High-Impact Mentoring. Get started and build power, so that you are truly alive.

You are definitely in the right place. I lift your life to a new level. We turn your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. Let's work together exclusively, so you live the life you truly want.

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"Alexandros seems to be on a mission to not leave the earth before experiencing everything this life has to offer. And the amazing thing about it is, that he is so amazing in sharing his experience with others to enable them to live that life - a self determined life."
Bastian Barami

"the best help I received ever"

„You have the skill to make people aware of their challenges and you got the gift to guide them.“
Fabio Oliva
Founder @ Workflowed
„So many men need this help bro. From my experience you are the best help I received ever.“
Freddie Trimble
CEO @ wildmintcosmetics

1:1 for your safe space

High-Impact & 100% tailored.

My unique High-Impact Mentoring guides you honestly and above all deeply personal on your way to a free and self-determined life. It happens in an exclusive 1:1 framework and is 100% tailored.

Every second of our time is completely focused & tailored on your individual transformation.

Experience your life and your possibilities.

Benefit from the free initial consultation and talk about your fears that are holding you back. Experience for yourself how you will immediately feel better. The free places are limited, so get started now, because you can really only benefit from this free 1 hour.

This hour will change everything.

Let me show you directly in a free 1 hour session how you can optimize your behavior & mindset.

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1:1 ultra intense & 365 days of guidance

My 1:1 High-Impact Mentoring opens up new dimensions of confidence, awareness, self-love, respect and perception about your talents. You will be welcomed anywhere in the world and meet like minded people - without needing special apps on your phone.

Get Started with your free 1 hour call now.

Benefit in our free 1 hour session from wisdom, knowledge and deeply helpful tools that I have collected and optimized in more than 10 years from more than 45 countries. It is my present to you to support you wake up and to understand that your life has so much more to offer.

"Alexandros has insane life experience"

„Alexandros is brutally honest and a great mirror to understand where you can improve throughout your life. He does it from a place of love, so it’s not judgmental. He will push you against your will and make you uncomfortable. This is what you need. Alexandros has insane life experience and a unique / beautiful perspective on life that unfortunately, most will never attain. He is magnetic and entertaining; he can speak to anyone and opens new doors to life. He reminds me of who I am.“
Joey Azzaro
CFA Cedar Ridge Capital, New York
„My time with Alexandros was transformative. After having spent time learning to meditate, being coached by others, and therapy, his guidance was the elusive breakthrough I was searching for. I am fortunate to have found him and be influenced by him and be transformed by him. Our time together in Mexico was very impactful and intense. For this I will be forever grateful! Alexandros is an exceptional being and one now I’m honoured to have in my life as a friend. Nothing but Love Brother!“
Prish Jain
Founder of TACT Architecture, Toronto

"He´s your man"

„Highly recommended. Alexandros is one of the best human I ever met, and you will definitely feel that he’s so special as soon as you start talking with him. If you want to work on yourself, he’s your man - 100%“
Dylan Ganouna
„He has been a great mentor and having him in my life really was great support to go through tough moments and reveal problems that I had to fix in me and I didn’t know I have. You can’t go wrong by him helping you!“
Dennis Liber

"delivers tremendous value"

„I have to be very honest with all of you, Alexandros delivers tremendous value in a very targeted way. He asks very simple questions. Yes, simple ones: But the answer is often much harder and here he helps and shows methods that will definitely help me in the long run. I could see, that he knows exactly what he is doing and I was able to benefit from his experience. Thanks Alexandros."
Theo Haugk
„The guy definitely leaves a positive impression and so I'm happy to share my honest opinion. Alexandros is a breathtaking journey of inspiration. His authentic nature transformed me. He has a magnetic personality that instantly creates a warm atmosphere. Please, take the opportunity to get his personal advice, he is really good at what he does. Unique and highly recommended!“
Mike Habich
Habich Consulting, Germany

*Investment | Upon request

One year 1:1 High-Impact Mentoring

From the first second I am at your side. Your success is my success.

In 3 stages we build stability and confidence while establishing your self-determined life.
Your Mindset
What limitations do I have?
What fears hold me back?
What are my true skills?
Where am I right now?
Stage 1
Intense evaluation
Your Actions
emotional | mental | physical
How to step into real power?
How to master challenges?
How do I un-condition?
Stage 2
Profound workshops
Your Life
satisfied while mastering life
fears turn into strengths
create concrete visions
achieve goals playfully
Stage 3
1 Year Guidance
  • basic rate starts at 5 figures
  • *limited, exclusive 1:1
  • 365 days reachability

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Transform Your Fears into Strengths

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Get Started | Be Alive

1:1 ultra intense & 365 days of guidance

We work together very intensively on a daily & weekly basis during the first 2 stages, so that you will move quickly with your truly self-determined life into stage 3 - where you will benefit from my professional guidance for 1 year.

1:1 High-Impact Mentoring in 3 stages and what you will gain from it.
Stage 1
  • Experience your Fears
  • Find Limited Beliefs
  • Get a Reality Check
  • See Your True Skills
Your Mindset
Stage 2
  • Build Mental Strength
  • Create Thankfulness
  • Establish Awareness
  • Use Solid Mind-Tools
Your Actions
Stage 3
  • Discover Limitlessness
  • Think Unlimited
  • Be Responsible
  • Live Authentic
Your Life

Frequently Asked Questions

In all areas of life, that is my experience personally and with hundreds of mentees I have guided. Here is a list of areas in life, that I know fears are holding people back from truly living up to their full potential.

Mind-Set & Spiritual Awareness
Personality & Confidence
Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Love Life & Sexual Power
Friends & Family
Career & Business
Finances & Wealth

My 1:1 High-Impact Mentoring is covering each of the areas and I work with selected mentors from all over the world hand-in-hand together, so I can offer you a very high-quality experience. The ultimate aim is that you can turn your fears into strengths, so you can live a self determined life.
I will be able to tell you within a few minutes exactly where your fears are and why these are also your greatest strengths in life. You will quickly understand that I communicate with a lot of passion, knowledge and a very direct way. After the call I will send you important homework for which you can take a week. After that we will decide together how to start your journey into your self-determined life. Be bold, you can only win - get one of the limited spots for the free 1 hour session.
Since 2011 on average 10 yearly. Does not sound like much, but it is a brutal effort, you will notice when we work together. The reason is that I give you my whole life, once you have experienced the initial consultation you understand why the reviews on the site and on social media are so intense and positive. I am obsessed with unlocking your potential and addicted of showing you that you can create a self-determined life. I really take my time and give everything I have as a human being, so you can experience your profound transformation.
So far, everyone has been able to afford my mentoring, so really: do not worry about it. I have had people quickly say that they waited way too long and I saved their lives. So the financial situation is secondary to me.

If you are not doing well at the moment, you can pay in installments and I am very relaxed about that, means: no contracts, no overdue notices. I work on the basis of trust and in first place I am here to help, so let us talk because I am sure we are going to find a solution. Do not be afraid, please contact me now.
Directly on our 1h free call, so please contact me now and experience this sensation for yourself. You will feel positive changes right from the first talk. The transformation can be very intense and that is why I am constantly by your side - for a whole year.

I have witnessed hundreds of transformations and know how important it is to be guided. You will make progress piece by piece and constantly look at yourself more honestly in the mirror, your laughter will come back, your joy will be more natural and your whole life will feel richer. From the first minute you will feel that it was the best decision of your life to invest in yourself and take the step towards personal development.

I am happy you are here, let us start, the only thing you need to do is: take the free 1h call now.
If you can not complete the first 2 stages in the first 30 days due to external circumstances, we will stretch the first 2 stages over a longer period of time - that goes without saying. I recommend staying under 90 days for stage 1 & 2

The important thing is that you understand that we will work really hard for the first period of time. There will be calls where we go really deep for 2.5-4 hours, after which you will probably go for a walk and then fall into bed with a smile on your face. We can do it from Monday to Sunday, most do from Monday to Friday, some also Saturday. I am here, every day for you, because I know how important those first 2 stages are! Trust me, we will find the perfect flow and we go with it.

Be aware already: Not only the first 30 days, the entire transformation over an entire year, it is a serious commitment to your own life. Congrats! You will create the space for it and you take the time for YOUR transformation. If you do not take it, it means you do not want it and if you do not really want it, you do not need to invest your time. Because it is a waste of time to do things you do not want anyway. Do you agree?
The first step is to be brave to say: "I want to become better. I really want to become the best version of myself." Then it is important to be open for change. You do not need to be afraid, I promise you this will all be very liberating for you, even if the fear of change is there, just overcome it for a moment and book the free 1h call, because I take away a lot of your worries and fears in the first call. You will feel better and sense that I am very aware of you and your situation.

I got you and I can tell you, everyone who called me said: "I should have called way earlier, this feels great, dear Alexandros - THANK YOU."
I have really been able to experience many forms of teaching and learning since 2011. Taking a person to your side requires a deep awareness, a lot of experience and the skill to really feel what needs and desires should be brought to light.

The results of all my clients (mentees) show that the framework of a 1:1 experience delivers by far the best results and I want only the best of the best for you.
I am in a constant state of personal, spiritual and financial development myself. I am working with mentors, therapists and healers from all over the world on my skills and my overall well-being.
Without these fellow human beings, I would not be who I am today. I can no longer imagine life without external help in all areas of life. An investment in myself is the best investment I can make, because I improve myself and learn to deal with obstacles in life and understand how to find meaningful solutions to challenges - no matter in which situations I find myself.
To go from planet earth one day, without trying my best in becoming the best vesion of myself. I consider life the biggest present - just look at the word present - it means to be right now here and the present, as the gift. I am afraid of so many things obviously, but throughout the intense work that I do, the fears I learned to overcome and the systems I have in place, I am so happy about each of my fears, they are like my friends - I love them, I truly do.

Of course I have the fear to not be able to help all the people, that I want to help, but in fact I give my life each day for everyone receiving my help - however, the fears are here, they are real. Do they make me unhappy? No, not at all, they navigate me and they show me where I can become better, more thankful, more humble and also more relaxed. Fears are good, once you understand that, you are in peace with them and you can have a great time. Contact me please, I want to show you everything about fears, so you can turn them into your strengths.
I am incredibly direct. Many people around me find this to be an incredible strength of mine. You might find it hurtful at first, because some things will trigger you and you have probably never met anyone like me who is so hardcore direct on obvious points.
I approach my fellow human beings with empathy and try not to judge or evaluate carelessly. First and foremost, I give everyone a chance and try to approach a situation without prejudice. Life has simply shown me very often that you can not judge a book by its cover.

Apart from that, I listen to many different people from all over the world in different languages. Through the deep conversations on different topics of life, I get new perspectives and thanks to them I can re-evaluate my own beliefs constantly, finding a better version of myself.
Yes, I would have liked to have had contact with conscious people earlier in life. People who are much more aware of their expression, their lifestyle and their own behavior. Also, I would not have attended a school at all, but would have wanted to be trained specifically by masters and mentors.

Regarding the consumption of drugs, I would have liked to experience more of a guidance in the sense of ritual, instead of just for entertainment. I would have liked to never have started consuming media, i.e. TV and all the propaganda from the news. This has only been poison for my brain and conditioned me completely wrong in life.

But of course I am also glad that it was all like that, because that is exactly why I went the way to really take my life into my own hands and transform my old identity into a new, better one.
This may sound funny now, but I find inspiration in all things. I can go to the bathroom and see that my urine is too dark, then I am immediately inspired to read all about it and why that is. But I can also just walk around outside, look at trees and ask myself: How long does it take such a tree to grow so big? What kind of tree is that?

I love to be inspired by people, things and circumstances. I consider the world and the moments in my existence as a true gift - every heartbeat could be the last. I am aware of that and that is why my attention to the little things in life is so high, I have simply been able to experience on the countless trips around the world that life can be over quickly - I honestly live every day as if it were the last.
That is a very intense question and I do not think I could ever really answer that question in its absolute depth. I try to pay very specific attention to my feelings and emotions and not to disregard the rules of life. Also, as I get older I am learning more to establish the balance between masculinity and femininity in myself without having to deform.

This is a process that goes on throughout life and I am glad that I can recite so much profound knowledge because of the mentors and therapists by my side. In other words, I mix gut feeling, experience and knowledge in order to be able to offer my good intentions the healthy space so that decisions can really unfold in them.
My greatest commitment is first and foremost to my health and here I am not just talking about eating right, but talking respectfully and sincerely with people, thinking more deeply with like-minded individuals, being able to listen to yourself in silence, to see and understand situations in this world and in my own life. I am talking about feeling and accepting feelings and also being able to share them with others.

My greatest commitment is me, so I am talking about my mental, emotional and physical health, as this allows me to inspire others and guide others to a path where they can become better - slowly but surely.
The older I get, the more I understand that I have only one life. I have a very small inner circle and only allow access to selected people. In that circle, there is no difference between my work and my home life. As far as my work is concerned, it is very much related to who I work with and the bond we establish.

In recent years, many of my clients have become very close friends in this way. It is all a slow but steady evolution, I do not know if I am doing it right, but at least it feels pretty right.
In recent years I have also successfully guided women in different phases of life. However, I have specialized strongly in supporting men. I have very successful female mentors who specialize in women. I love to connect, so you will have the best time of your life. Please contact me via - thanks.
I have become very thoughtful about the consumption of information. I have noticed over the many years online that you can also overdose. I therefore believe that less is more and that one should rather pay attention to quality instead of quantity. The best content is still written by life with its many facets. I have learned more from knockdowns, losses and mistakes than any book or podcast I have consumed.

However, feel free to call or write me and I will give you a good selection of material that is aligned with your desired areas of life. I have, of course, spent a lot of time on long trips around the world putting quality pieces of content to work for me. I am happy to share this with you.
First of all, I would evaluate whether it is really an innovative idea. Working together, we would figure out where this idea could take you and estimate what impact it will have on your life. If I find the idea workable and relevant to your transformation, then we will do whatever is necessary to establish it in your life by making your idea a reality. I have helped hundreds of people to live a self-determined life and I will not stop until my heart stops beating.
I can ask you very specific questions that will help you to recognize in which areas of your life you need support. Just book the free initial call and we will find it out together. Do not be afraid, I am not a selling person, if you consider my offer fair, you will anyway go for it. You can talk very freely with me, I am a nice guy - for real ;-)
For me, a good life means that I will leave here healthy and not suffer. In order not to suffer, I try everything possible during my lifetime to live healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. I want to enrich and inspire others in life with my way of living and above all laugh a lot and spread joy.

I believe everyone has a different view of the good life, for me it is about moments that touch my heart and when I think about it, my life also has a lot to do with movement, dancing and great music and delicious food and making good love. I could write a book about it now, but I will do that if no one else contacts me for mentoring and since this is not the case, so the book on the question will have to wait.
Fluently: English, German & Greek. Really basic: Spanish
I value your private life and no one will ever know you booked mentoring with me. There is no need to make any testimonials and if you really want to stay completely anonymous, you can pay with crypto and we will work together without any personal data, names or addresses.
Stage 1 | Your Mindset
We make a really deep and very precise evaluation of your current situation - in all areas of your life. Those talks will be very intense conversations where we will laugh and even cry to really get to the heart of your existence. I promise you, there is no filter here. You will understand who you really are for the first time in your life. We focus mostly on the fears that are holding you back, from unlocking your true potential. That part is profound and will be very life-changing. I can not wait to show you everything about fears and how you make them become your best friends.

We take apart all of your fears and worries, we take a very close look at your consciousness and your attitude towards life. We note down all limiting beliefs and everything that blocks success & happiness in your life. We look at partnerships, friends and professional relationships. We leave nothing out, trust me. The first stage will wake you up brutally. I am constantly by your side and I am 100% there for you - all the time, 1 entire year.

Stage 2 | Your Actions
You are ready to face YOUR truth and now you need smart strategies, solid tools and proven methods to master your life the right way. I will provide you with everything you need and you will make positive progress every day. You will definitely feel improvement in all areas of your life. You will hardly be able to believe who you were just a few weeks ago. Please check out the reviews, then you understand why it is called: High-Impact Mentoring.

Stage 3 | Be Alive
Now it is time for you to live your life completely independently and live it by your own rules. You are now creating a vision of your very own life. A vision that you will turn into reality. You will know exactly how to evaluate situations correctly and stabilize yourself in difficult phases in order to get back on your healthy path. You are now always the master of your own life and decide independently and completely self-confidently where the journey goes.

With my 1:1 High-Impact Mentoring you are in best hands. For 1 year I will be by your side to make sure you turn your visions into reality. I support you in stage 3 by holding you accountable on a regular basis - so that you stay the best version of yourself. You will look back on an incredible journey after and you will be proud of your transformation. I am betting BIG on you!

So just get on the call with me and everything will be ok, you will see, feel and experience it. What are you waiting for?

I'm obsessed.

Your success is my success.

For you to be here right now you have just invested the most valuable asset in your life, your time. So I'm asking myself a very natural question: "What stops you from starting YOUR profound transformation?"

Please tell me. I am curious, because I am obsessed to help you and I am looking forward to hear from you.

PS: More about my life?
Read "Alexandros."
The journey to more freedom & happiness.
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