Be a Baller.

Build power,

live your life.

Your profound transformation in 12 weeks.

Since 2011 I have taken my life into my own hands. I know what deep pain, suffering and rejection in relationships can do to a man. I almost died from it.

It's really good to have you here. My name is Alexandros and I'm going to tell you the story of my life and show you why quality time with me will make a profound difference in all aspects of your life. It will be honest, inspiring and very refreshing.

What is a Baller? Someone that lives in such a nice way that others are attracted to his power.

I was never the hero at school, never went to a university, losing my virginity was a traumatic experience and by 30, I was already divorced. *laugh* I was definitely not a baller, but once I decided to become one, there was no turning back for me.

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Now I'll let a very good friend tell you himself who you're dealing with here. Bastian lives with his wife in Thailand and is by far one of the coolest men I know. An alpha, a leader and a machine with a big heart. He is a mentor himself and we inspire each other at important stages of life.
Bastian Barami

I am not a magician and I am not a guru. I'm obsessed with becoming the best version of myself and I simply transfer that to you - that's all.

We live in a fast-paced world and often forget to put our health first. Health is elementary and means for me to be well-balanced mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. If this is not given, then it is impossible to truly enjoy one's life. Please let me show you that there are ways that lead to this balance. All it takes is a decision on your side. Read on when you feel ready.

Mentees say.

„In a lot of ways I think you are an embodiment of what many strive to be - confident, sympathetic, altruistic, self-loving (many people forget this) and always willing to give your most valuable asset: your time.“
Nicholas Pashenkov
Financial Analyst, New York
„You have taught me so much! To live and be more authentically. To speak my truth irrespective of the outcome. How to love people without fear. I am so lucky to know that you are in my corner - only a short flight away.“
Joey Azzaro
CFA, New York
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Patrick himself is incredibly mature and brave. We maintain a very deep friendship and help each other enormously. It's very important to me that you hear from others that I can bring value to your life. I want you to feel really safe before you take the step to contact me.
Patrick Letica
Jiu-Jitsu Athlete, Switzerland

"Locked in a 9-5 life, no longer loving myself, hurting others & distracting myself with chemical drugs from the wounds of my inner child."

Of course, I also had this point where I was living completely out of balance. This is why I just took an old bicycle in September 2011 with no money, no health insurance and no plan at all in life. It was not the idea to cycle around the world for more than 5 years, but it happened and this is my story. The story that will explain to you why I can really be at your side to help you find balance yourself.

Get rid of the bullshit.

How to break through limted beliefs.

Already as a schoolboy, it bothered me that limited beliefs were pushed into our heads all day long. I just didn't want to believe that I needed to go to college to end up in a good job. So I personally asked the CEO when I was a teenager (15) if I could work for free for a week - on the 3rd day I was offered an employment contract and became the youngest employee in the history of the company.

I was still too young, earned a lot of money early on and then, of course, fell into the trap. Work, eat, sleep, repeat and a lifestyle like I've seen in Hollywood movies - consuming, not questioning and compensating my true needs with unnecessary luxury. My exit came overnight. I took a bicycle, traveled the world for 5 years and really learned about myself for the first time in my life. The crazy thing: all without money. To get food and shelter, I did all kinds of work - from dishwashing to giving massages to women.

The years on the road were the greatest blessing in my life, as I was able to truly discover myself and put my skills to the real-life test.

My inspiring and authentic nature took me through over 40 countries and over the years, thousands of people have shown interest in my life. I have been invited on international stages, spoken on the local radio, and my stories have been published in books and traveler magazines. Young people from universities in particular wanted to be close to me - often because they didn't want to be in university themselves. They wanted to live life like me, in other words, free, independent and discovering foreign cultures.

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Alexander in this video is a very good example. He turned his life around 180 degrees after a single conversation with me. Dropped out of college and started his own company - he still travels the world and runs his agency.
Alexander Richter
Founder of
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Fabio also contacted me one day and took a lot of advice from me, today he himself teaches others to live healthier lives. I am proud of him.
Fabrizio Famà
Founder of Attention Athletes

100% tailored.

1:1 high-impact mentoring.

After 5 years of traveling I got married and lived in Paris and Amsterdam. Freedom has always been important to me and I was already a digital entrepreneur in 2015 - running a small marketing agency in The Netherlands. Since day one of my world trip I have shared with my relatives, friends and fans my very individual lifestyle and how you can integrate parts of it into your own life. I love to share, so even before I decided in 2022 to be a full-time high-impact mentor, I had helped hundreds of people from different areas of life. I knew that my methods worked.

Today I specialize in 1:1 sessions because I know that individual guidance achieves the greatest success. My high-impact mentoring makes sure that you feel safe and in best hands. I know that a transformation takes time and that you have to stay totally focus and on track. My role is to make sure of that, so I guarantee consistency through my experienced leadership.

My promise: Call me and you will instantly feel better.

I have worked with hundreds of people, including top entrepreneurs, executives, artists, yoga trainer, healers, construction worker and others.

This long period of my own experience and the achievements from my work allow me to have a very large impact on your personal development. I take a very holistic approach and consider all areas of your life in my mentoring - mental / emotional health, business, relationship, your sexuality & fitness. In the old days it was often very young people who wanted my advice, today it is mostly established businessmen who work with me.

Businessmen say.

„Alexandros is a real badass. He stands on the sidelines and has seen through the entire game. And then takes one after the other off the field because everyone is exhausted. Then he gets them ready and send them back to the field. Ready for the game of life again.“
Ingmar Hansen
Hansen-World, Germany
„I have known Alexandros since he was a child. Only few go through life with such courage. I appreciate about him that he shapes his own life authentically, while at the same time approaching others as a great inspiration with an impressive personality.“
Markus Hadulla
Steiger Venture Partners, Switzerland

I got you.

Strategies to rewire your brain.

I know the feeling of waiting for change. But we both know it won't come if you don't go towards it yourself. I would never have cycled the world if I hadn't started pedaling. The muscles on my body wouldn't be there if I didn't work out, and I wouldn't be in healthy relationships today if I had just waited to heal after my first divorce. I had to do something about it and I did. That's why I can really support you today - because I have lived through the experience myself.

I take time for you and your life, then work with you hand in hand to create a personal action plan. I guide and lead you to results, through inspiration and methods that bring long-term change into your life. What are you waiting for?

Get started, you are just a call away.

Friends say.

"I knew that he is bringing something special into this world. For me, it was his relentless openness about his own experiences, and his way of turning everything in his life into a powerful opportunity to learn and bring light into the world. We've had the pleasure of sharing in a lot of uplifting and magical experiences, and in each moment - he is reflecting, sharing, learning and feeding back into his environment. Its a pleasure to share in any experience with Alexandros - but more importantly - affirming and meaningful."
Devon Walshe
lives in Mexico City
„Alexandros is a true motivator. I have known him for years and can allow myself this statement. He made me get off my ass, he guided me to make an effort in several areas of my life, especially when it comes to physical and mental fitness. During the active time with him my own limits were exceeded together and sustainable changes were established in my daily life. I respect him a lot and appreciate the regular communication. Thank you for being here, I am very happy that we know each other. Best to you from Bebra.“
Roland Rehm
lives in Germany

High-value travel experiences.

I offer the option to combine the high-impact mentoring with very individual travelling. The demand for this special service was immediately very high. These trips are as unique as my international network and my travel experiences.

Real life shows who you really are.

How do you behave when you are in the 1st class compartment from France to Belgium - meeting strangers? How do you eat in a MICHELIN-starred restaurant? Traveling together means we get to see the progress you make and will forever look back on an unforgettable adventure.

Travelers speak.

„You have the skill to make people aware of their challenges and you got the gift to guide them.“
Fabio Oliva
Founder @ Workflowed
„So many men need this help bro. From my experience you are the best help I received ever.“
Freddie Trimble
CEO @ wildmintcosmetics

I'm obsessed to help you.

Your success is my success.

Now I've told you my story and you got a little taste. Take the opportunity and book the free initial consultation. You will notice that I speak from experience and that I truly love what I do.

Let's take 60 minutes to really understand where you are in life and most importantly where you want to go. I have seen so much in life, not only through my travels, but in the people who have opened their hearts to me and shared their thoughts with me. I was able to help hundreds and will not stop until I say goodbye to life.

Do you feel ready?
If my story appeals to you, take the opportunity and talk to me. I promise, I will do everything in my power to make your vision come true.

Please, ask yourself these questions.

Do I really believe in my own beliefs?
Do I share my time with people I really love?
Can I reach out to new people and socialize?
When was the last time I was spontaneous?
When was the last time I really laughed?
How is my relationship with money?
Do I really respect my body?
How happy am I truly?


The initial consultation is free.


Personality & Confidence
Mind-Set & Spiritual Awareness
Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Love Life & Sexual Power
Friends & Family
Career & Business
Finances & Wealth
Directly on our free initial consultation.
I value your private life and no one will ever know you booked mentoring with me. There is no need to make any testimonials and if you really want to stay completely anonymous, you can pay with crypto and we will work together without any personal data, names or addresses.
So far, everyone has been able to afford my mentoring, so we will discuss that after we figure out if we are going to work together.
Yes, this is very important to me personally. We are traveling together worldwide and as a client you can travel to the place where I am living at any time.
I am your primary and most relevant link. However, I will provide you with very selected people to help you experience even deeper positive changes in your development. During the travels, we are both together and meet other contacts of mine only at agreed places.
In recent years I have also successfully guided women in different phases of life. However, I have specialized strongly in supporting men. I have very successful female mentors who specialize in women. I love to connect, so you will have the best time of your life. Please contact me via - thanks.
My clients get a very deep insight into my private life. This includes relationships with women and insight into my professional life. In our work together you will be very close to my private life and also meet people who are intimate with me. Online you can learn a lot about my lifestyle, but even if it seems like a lot is visible, it is only 5% of my life. Only as a customer you get 100% insight into my everyday life and the people I know, appreciate and love.
The first mentoring client is still in my program today. The initial contact was established in 2016. The 12 weeks program is the foundation, after that I recommend weekly video sessions and 2-4 trips together throughout the year to reinforce the time spent together.
I can ask you very specific questions that will help you to recognize in which areas of your life you need support. Just book the free initial call and we will find it out together.
A good life means living a healthy life. Laughing a lot, to me, means you are living a good life. To experience life in healthy moderation. Spending time with healthy people and having a purpose in life and realizing it. In my eyes, the meaning is to create and to help others in life with ease and fun.
English, German & Greek.
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"Just do it and go cycling" is a 12 minute story about my start in 2011. The first big bicycle trip in my life will be forever my most epic ride.
"Everything is possible."

Create yourself.

Become a Baller with High-Impact Mentoring.

A baller starts his day with positive intentions. He is an unique personality who moves through the game of life with a beautiful style. He leaves a great impression, people want to be around him.

He navigates through challenges with ease, because he sees no problems, but solutions. A baller faces life with a healthy confidence and is constantly working on personal growth, because the life he leads will awaken the desire in others to become better.

He lives as the example he wants to see in the world and inspires you to achieve things you've only dreamed of. He has strong values and a clear vision. A baller goes happily to bed and closes his eyes with deepest gratitude.

Thank you for your attention & time.

I feel that our life time is the most precious asset in life - that's why I wish that you take your life into your own hands and live it the way you want. If you are ready for a profound transformation, give me 12 weeks and I promise you: it is the best investment in your life ever.